General F.A.Q

Why does the website look buggy and has some of the items displaced?

If you're using Internet Explorer (IE), we would strongly suggest you to switch to firefox. Get Firefox. It's another browser, like IE, but faster, more secured. (Saves you from all those spywares too). If the problems are still there, chances are, we are already in progress of fixing it. Feel free to contact us about it. We welcome all your opinions.


Why won't the flash game respond to whatever I press on the keyboard once in a while?

This happens commonly when you accidentally clicked outside of a flash game. To fix this problem, all you need to do is to click once in the flash game and you are ready to continue the game.

How should I contact you if I feel like contributing at this website?

We would greatly appreciate any offer to help. Simply post in the forum about which area you would like to help and we'll discuss about it. The areas you might want to consider would be:

  • record and upload game replays,
  • moderating forums,
  • creating flash games to be featured as this site's content.


The page stops loading. What should I do?

This might happen once in a while. The easiest solution would be to press F5 to refresh. We find IE more prone to this issue.

Some of the games won't play. What should I do?

We would suggest that it is because of your browser's Macromedia Flash Player's version. Get the latest updates here.




More to be updated!


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